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tv   Politics Nation  MSNBC  December 26, 2012 3:00pm-4:00pm PST

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let's end with this tonight. if you're a member of congress and the tea party, who is your boss? is it john boehner? was it mitt romney? don't bet on it. the real boss is a man other woman in the back row of a tea party meeting. the angry one who stands up and scalds him. it's that angry voice rising up from the back of the room that haunts the tea party-backed republican. do they want to be the person who voted with the party leadership? or, worse yet, the democratic president? or do they want to vote against all of that? no taxes? no deals, no compromises. no nothing. period. this is the wall that those of
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the tea party have raised up. they can't vote for what they campaigned against, spending money on government. and that's "hardball" for now. thanks for being with us. "politics nation" with al sharpton starts right now. >> tonight, in new york city, welcome to "politics nation" second annual revvie awards. it's the best and the worst in politics, 2012. look, all the big stars are on the red carpet. donald trump is in the unreality show category. paul ryan's pumped and ready to go. what's with the hat there? >> and what's an awards show without this guy. he survived a really rough year and he's looking just great tonight. the evening is about to get started. so take a seat before clint
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eastwood yells at it. sit back and enjoy the show. without further adieu, ladies and gentlemen, please welcome your master of ceremonies and the host of "politics nation," the reverend al sharpton. >> good evening. and welcome to "the revvie awards." i'm al sharpton and the host of this evening's festivities. it's a big night and we'll be giving out awards for the high and low points of politics in 2012. to do that, we have a star-studded cast of judges. all looking very elegant this evening, i might say. let's get right to it. let's go right to the first cat goir. let's get started with the best performer in the thriller award. ri
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richard, who made the best political move omt year? >> can i be the simon cowell of this panel? i i i'm tempted to say the woel obama campaign. but i don't want to be, like, time person of the year, it's you. if it had to be one person, chris christie. for having the guts to not just look after new jersey, but, literally, hug a democratic president in the face of everything that he knew his party would reign down on his head. help the president. help new jersey. >> so despite the fact you were techt tempted to give it to the ground game, you crossed parties? >> seeing goodwill to all people. >> all right, victoria, are you going to be as bipartisan as richard? >> i'm not. and i'm going to roll it back. i'm going to go back to february because i think when president
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obama rolled out his contraception mandate, tlafs absolute genius. he foresaw that republicans and the catholic chunrch was going o come out gensz it. he came out having his cake and eating it too. >> so the contraception move by the president way back in march. >> and then you have the susan g. koman competition coming around. >> jonathan? >> well, speaking of planting the seed, my vote for best political move is the obama campaign's decision to hammer mitt romney as an out-of-touch politrcat from the very beginning.
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baz r because they did that, it made a powerful video even more powerful because it confirmed everything that the obama campaign had been saying about the republican nominee from moment one. >> crystal? >> three words. please proceed, governor. second debate after the president had a lackluster performance in the first debate. and the second debate, he really came out swinging. and mitt romney thought he had him on the ropes with the benghazi nonsense. the president just let him proceed. not only was that a great, brilliant move in that moment, but it also but it was also em blematic of how he just had to let mitt romney talk. and it was so objectionable to
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the american people that they definitely wanted to go in a different direction. >> so please proceed governor from the second presidential debate. >> you got it. >> well, i think that probably i would say the best move of the year i would have to say was the campaign ground game. i think you almost went there. you were half way down the is aisle, wu ybut you turned aroun. i think that they turned out a terrific ground game. i think if you rook look at the that the republican polls were right but they underestimated turnout, that was the ground game. it would be a much different award and a much different revvie, too. >> okay, up next, we have this dud's for you award for the worst political move of 2012.
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let me start with you, crystal? what was the worst move and who wins that award? >> well, it is kind of a group. but it goes a little bit off of what victoria was just saying. daryl isa failing to put a single woman on a congressional panel to talk about contraception. as you said, we had rush limbaugh, we had transvaginal probes in virginia and ultimately, the president ended up winning single women by i believe 3 points. it was a massive, massive landslide. . >> so you give daryl isa. >> you went fast and furious to all men. jonathan, who would you give the
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worst political move of the year? >> well, i have two. i'm of mixed mind. on the one hand, i any, the idea of allowing clint eastwood to go on the stage of the republican convention unsupervised and unscripted was horrendous for the hom yee campaign. his speech went prime time when the video was never seen by anyone. >> what biographical video? >> exactly. and then the other one is the extended republican primary process where we saw clown after clown after clown spill out of the republican clown car and embarrass the party to the point where mitt romney became the nominee not because the prarty loved him, but because he's the last one-on-o last one standing.
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>> i think romney got laid down. i mean,he even made rick perry look moderate when it came to immigration. >> which takes effort. >> but he did it. so what ends up happening is when he goes into the gym or thinks he can pull a 180 oond get latinos to support him. >> so we see less than 25% voting for mitt romney. even florida, he lost those states because he thought he could do an about face. >> i'm tempting to go with the obvious here. the obvious would be 47%. the overyous would be being honest in front of a bunch of wealthy donors when you're mitt romney and thinking no one would pay any attention.
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>> i'm going to go with worst political move of the year, everything carl spent his money on. erveg. >> you're stealing my thunder. >> i could have gone for the wealthy, but u you know, they have so much money, who cares. carl rove is the one, the supposed architect and the supposed genius. >> i agree. without tipping my hand, i have a special move for carl rove coming up. i think the worst was the republicans engineering on an aggressive voter suppression campaign. i think they angered and energized voters that may not have come out. the worst thing to do is to go after people when you want them to remain asleep. i think that was the worst move of the year.
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had they not done this, i think tmd have been a much closer election. but people took it personal and i think it really became a tipping point. >> and to take something from people that was earned and gained with such sack ra fiesz. . >> now it's time for a light ning round. quick answers, please. you hear me, richard? the spot light award. this revvie gos to the movement that defined the 2012 campaign. >> it has to be the 47% video. >> health care law up head. >> hitrichard? >> sandy. >> i'd have to go 47%. that was the moment. >> no question, 47%. so that's the one that got so far, the most consensus.
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we have a lot more to k078. stick around, we'll be right back. >> first, earlier today, the revvie was awarded for best musical performance. the nominees were. ♪ ♪ for purple mountains majesty ♪ above the fruited plain . ♪ i'm so in love with you >> and the revvie went to governor chris christie.
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congratulations, governor. the revvies will be right back. ? how do you measure happiness?]
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vrj . welcome back. earlier, we awarded the revvie for besz make-up, as in making it up as he went along. and it went to congressman paul ryan. >> you did run marathons at some point? >> yeah, but i didn't do it anymore. >> i've just got toe ask. what's your personal best? >> under three, i think high twos. >> holy smokes. now, you've gone onto miami anniversary.
3:17 pm
>> yeah. >> so you're not really catching catch fish by hand, it's really exhilarating. so we try to get down there during noodling season to catch cat fish. and they're dplishs. >> congratulations, mr. ryan, for making it up on everything from marathon times to the auto-bailout. you're the big winner. congressman ryan is also getting the beefcake of the year award. now, the reverend al sharpton. >> thank you. we're back with our judges. let's give right to our next round of awardings. the best political force of the year is awarded to the person or group who drove the election in
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2012. >> in the last segment, we were talking about voter suppression. i think there was a silver lining here. across the country, we saw people being kept from coming out to vote. >> this mobilized them. we saw the lines in florida, texas and arizona. so, for me, the best was to unintended consequence of mobilizing voters. >> all right. i think that's a good one. what do you think, richard? >> i'm tempted the best was the failing of the tea farty. they were not sblesed. they showed up. the young people are engaged. note just this cycle, but the last cycle. this generation is going to take part in elections to come. i think that's the best thing you could have. >> you know, he really does want to be our simon.
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he always gives us one option and goes to the other. >> i thought one of the best trends this year was the big dollars. carl roves, the coke brothers, the super pacts. they didn't end up winning the day. at the end of the day, it was ordinary people who maybe kicked in a couple of bucks who stood in the long lines who actually won the election. and that is just a beautiful, encouraging democracy. >> i think the best political trend of this political season was the demise of gay rights as a wedge issue. in all three debates, it never came up. it was never even hinted at.
3:20 pm
any talk, pro or con, about gay rights issues, same-sex marriage, none of that. and i thil that's a good thing. okay. i think the best trend is that this year, we saw a new elect electorate. we have the idea that it's only male and only white. there's a current new political trend that the dynamics and the election in this country has changed and people need to get a new playbook if they're going to play in the big, national american politics. >> next up is the person or the group who drove their agenda and their purpose into the ground. jonathan? who wins the award? >> oh, mr. 9-9-9.
3:21 pm
you know, for someone -- people using a presidential campaign to sell books, to sell themselves, to make that the steppingstone to a much larger career, no one did et it better than herman. >> the republican party trying to keep people from rigging the rules and that is unfortunately on going. they see the writing on the wall as you said, the new demographic realities and they're still trying to say how can we change the math and rig the rules so that we can still win. in virginia, they propose changing the way they say electoral votes which would unfairly favor republicans. they're still trying to rig the rules and hold back the tide.
3:22 pm
>> i've seen them change rules. >> right. >> for me, it's going to be john mccane and the conservative media for leading a preposterous and ultimately successful witch hunt. frankly, part of the conspiracy theories they've cooked up. unjustified. it has a chilling effect on people and public service. and, frankly, it's sad for someone who had a stature and a gravitas of john mccain. >> and i was going to say super pacts. but this just flopped. i think it's how republicans rolled back the clock on women.
3:23 pm
if we were remembering 2010, women did very well. but this year, they erased all of that. >> they decided to name one woman to the administrative committee. it was a housewife. >> yes, yes. but it was interesting. they went after women and, as jonathan said, then debate gays. it was a real contorted strategy: we're going to violate women openly and not debate gays and everyone marriage equality. >> think about it. the public opinion is moving away from opposition to gay rights. >> what i thought was very
3:24 pm
interesting and probably the worst plilt kal trend is in '88, there was a guy named brown that designed the dekawkis ad who came back with sicitizens unite. i think the worst trend was to take the lid off of the money, which was a right winged strategy that really backfired. it really drove them into the ground in the sense that i think that they thought they had bought ann election. it was almost like you send your credit card something and you go to pick it up and the merchandise is not there. it was the worst trend. it didn't happen because hay that had not believed in that trend, they might have done more work and they might have moved to a more sensible political
3:25 pm
policy. >> money can't buy you love, reverend. >> they did. they put all of their faith in the power of money. >> money can't buy you love. and when it does,they're going to always say what have you done for me lately? >> i mean, i could do these songs all day. >> there are more revvies to come. stay with us. . >> the revvies return with newt gingrich, rick santoru. but, first, the rerks evvie for outstanding achievement in the dance performance. here are the nominees.
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right on, you're our winner. and the 2012 revvies will be right back. check out my new treadmill app.
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well km back. here's the host of "politics nation." >> welcome back. here at "politics nation" we love a good science fiction story. and this year, the gop gave us
3:30 pm
plenty of fantasy. our next award is the ray bradbury for lead performance in a science fiction role. it's one of miff favorites. watch this. >> by the end of my second term, we will have the first permanent base on the moon and it will be american. >> first of all, if it's a legitimate rape, the fe plael body has ways to shut that whole thing double. >> the dangers of carbon dioxide. tell that to a plant how dangerous carbon dioxide is. >> all the candidates are so deserving. but the revvie can only go to one pirn and it's to newt gingrich. congr congratulatio
3:31 pm
congratulations, newt. we'll be right back. >> the revvies will return with president obama, clint eastwood, carl rove, plus the award for pli political performer of the year. [ thunder crashes ] [ male announcer ] if you think all batteries are the same... consider this: when the unexpected happens, there's one brand of battery more emergency workers trust in their maglites:
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if you have any sudden decrease or loss in hearing or vision, or if you have any allergic reactions such as rash, hives, swelling of the lips, tongue or throat, or difficulty breathing or swallowing, stop taking cialis and get medical help right away. ask your doctor about cialis for daily use and a 30-tablet free trial. welcome back. here, once again, is the host of "politics nation," the reverend al sharpton. >> thank you, i'd like to welcome back our esteemed panel of judges. great to have all of you with us. >> great to be here. >> it's the season of giving. so let's get right back to giving out toez revies. the rising star of the year award is the revvie for the
3:35 pm
biggest political power house of 2012. crystal, so who wins that award in your book? and i'm looking forward here. i'm looking in the crystal ball. i'm looking for a move going forward. we are going to see both parties have an open shot at it. who gets that revvie. who's the person we ought r ought to be watching? >> she had a pretty large star, but hillary clinton is beginning to grow in stature. everyone republicans are admitting that they're pretty scared.
3:36 pm
nay actually elevated the clintons themselves. hillary is stepping down as secretary of state. she'll be doing lots of nonpolitical work over the next few yearings and her star will continue to wurn brighter and brighter. >> what do you think, jonathan? >> i think it will be a black spot on four tremendous years as secretary of state. i would give my rising star award to what i'm calling the obama coalition. all of the folks that we've been talking about who came together and decided that they wanted to give him four more years shs despite where the economy is, despite the right track, wrong trax.
3:37 pm
we're with him. >> but who out of that coalition? is there a person? >> i yield to the lady. >> to my left. >> yes. >> and we didn't coordinate. but, for me, it doesn't go to one particular person. it goes to latinos. it goes to the latino electorate which really flexed its political message. latinos are pushing red states into light red, into purple and, eventually, it's going to take a little bit. texas isn't going to turn blue in four years or eight years, but it's going to turn these traditional ri red, southern states. so the latino muscle is moving
3:38 pm
the political landscape. >> i give him some time. he's in a tight position because he would not make it statewide in texas. so he doesn't have a jumping off point. and he's term-limited as mayor. but he's going to have to bide his time and come back. >> i would have to say if you did have a democrat are texas who could win tax statewide, what an incredible force they would be. it's going to be george p. bush. >> reverend, as someone who has been on the revvie awards since their inception, last year, i feel as much respect as i have for my fellow judges: it's a cop out. these are big things. big trends. but this is the rising star when i want's to one person.
3:39 pm
>> and you're a veteran. so go ahead. e liz bit warren. the housing market, elizabeth warren is going to be the rising star to ficnish that business o at least keep it in the pub like eye at a full-time when thetime is going to pick up. >> so no one sees a rising republican star? >> i thought about mentioning -- i do think marko rubio and chris christie are are going to be prevalent voices. is and i think christie did a lot for his side.
3:40 pm
i would say those two are going to be important. >> so, in the republican side, you'd sigh christio or rubio? >> i think marko is going to be a lot of talent, but fthere are other stars that can block him out. >> i don't know if this person should be considered a rising star yet. but i do think he's interesting for what he could possibly do. and that's senator elect, i guess is what you call him, tim scott of south carolina. >> no, senator select. tim scott has to run for real in 2014. unlike herman cane, al nl keys,
3:41 pm
allen west, the defeated congressman from florida, tim scott is someone who's considered to be serious. so it would be interest g to watch how this serious black republicans. >> you're right that he is going to come out as a progres soar. another big moment is when clint eastwood would change the way we view chairs. bla >> what do you want me to tell romney? i can't tell him. can't do that to himself. yeah, that's crazy. you're absolutely crazy. >> so in his honor, we will be awarding the clint eastwood empty chair award for the best performance for not showing up.
3:42 pm
>> this is just about waving a tar baby in the air and saying something else is the problem. >> you are not allowed to be president if you were not born in this coin tri. >> and the re varksvvie goes to other than donald trump who was out of it the entire year. we'll have more revvies right after this. >> the revvies will return with a blueberry pie lifetime achievement award. but, first, the lost their shirt award for the worst investor of the year. given to those who made the worst investments of this year's presidential election. the competition is still the coke brothers, adelson but carl roves group, american cross roads tops the list with a whopping $91 million.
3:43 pm
>> this is his first revvie, but he's no, ma'am nalted in another category. so don't go anywhere. you could be this year's titanic. we'll be right back. ♪
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>> welcome back. our next revvie is near rand dear to my heart. the alfred c. sharp ton blueberry pie lifetime achievement award. as 12012 draws to a close, we look around and ask ourselves who has the most blueberry pie on his face? there was plenty to go around. but there was only one man whoa could walk away with the revvie. >> you're not saying obama isn't goirng to win? >> i don't know what the outcome is going too be. but we've got to be careful about calling things when we have 991 votes separating if two kabd dats. >> you, yes, carl rove for predicting mitt mom ree would win the erection.
3:48 pm
and, of course, for his manic meltdown. you walk away with the alfred c. sharp ton blueberry pie lifetime achievement award. con dpratulations and enjoy your pie. >> the revvies will be right back with predictions. plus, awards for the begs and worst political performer of the year. you're watching a special edition of "politics nation" with a.m. sharpton. [ male announcer ] it's that time of year again. time for citi price rewind.
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thaungs, and welt come back. still with me, our fan tanitast panel of judges. and veteran of the revvies, richard wolf. and, now, for the big one, the
3:52 pm
biggest winner of 2012. richard? >> okay. the of yus one is obviously the president. but i'm not going to do the obvious one. i'm going to say michelle obama. not only because her husband won, but because she doesn't have to campaign again. she sailed through the election with sky high ratings. and now she can do some of the biggest stuff about obesity, the biggest health challenge in this could be tri. >> i'm going to go with claire mchaskel. not only because she won her race, but also because she became the face of what republicans were doing. jonathan? >> i would say that the 47% were the winners of this election because they told mitt romney and the republican party to stuff it.
3:53 pm
they got off their lazied, unprincipled, immoral behinds and got out there and voted for president obama. >> crystal? >> i've got to go with the obvious one. president obama not just because he won and he won convincingly, his policies have been vindicated, health care has been upheld, his approval rating is raising. i mean, he truly was the big winner this year. >> i would go with johnny, with 47% or even more, the 99 pvnt. because i think that they showed political muscle. and police kal tenacity. a lot of people had said young people, plaques, latinos, gays would not come out. and i think they sent a message that all of the experts, including some of the democratic
3:54 pm
experts, are going back to the drawing board trying to recon fig rate what happened. >> they were counting on them not to show up. that's part of the republican winning strategy. they would never make that mistake again of thinking those groupings would just stay home and not raise their voices. >> now, we've mentioned other people throughout the night. everyone has been president and others. what about bill clinton? nobody's wrought his name up. >> well, bill clinton has been a winner for a while. but i think what he did for the president, particularly in that dnc speech, which was juls unbelievable. laying out the case. seeing here's some attacks on the president. it really was incredible, both for his own legacy and image and also for hillary and certainly -- >> yes, that's the key.
3:55 pm
>> when you look at how '08 he was not a winner and he came up very badly and had guys like me taking real shots at him. and this year, he really came on strong. i think he has to be considered a winner this year. >> and think rant it. think about all of charlotte. by the time president clinton gave his fantastic speech, those folks were fired up and ready to go. they wanted to hear that. they needed to hear that message. >> and it made them hungry for more clinton. >> let's turn to the revvie that was the biggest loser of 12012? >> my loser is the yen to your yango. winner. todd aiken thought he was going to be a senator and now he's a laughing stock.
3:56 pm
he he's emblem attic of the huge margins that they lost women by. he's just a joke for his absurd and offense i comments about rape. >> i'm going to say it's mitt romney. this is a man who any republican rn , should have won the election gensz a president with unemployment above 7%. with the economy still coming back, but not coming back enough. president oeb, if you want to be honest with yourself, was not supposed do win. mitt romney was supposed to win and he didn't by running the worsz presidential campaign i have ever seen in my young lifetime. >> how do you call a man with car elevators in his house a loser? he's doung very well. >> my loser award goes out to my
3:57 pm
fellow texans in terms of rick pearly. when ted cruz comes out and mops the floor. rick perry is a double loser, nationally and at the state level. >> i'm going to go with a whole group. it's all of those ceos, including mitt romney, who thought the president was incompetent and destined to lose. how badly did they misunderstand the country which has giveren them so much wealth? now they have to face up to reality that their customers, the people they work with are not the country they thought it was.
3:58 pm
these people need to look in the mirror and say we got this badly, badly wrong. >> i think the loser is the right wing media. i think that they're whole facade was destroyed this year. they lost the ability to convince people that if they keep putting something on high rotation, it's going to stick. we started thinking a lot of things go down. they lost their punch. and he we looked bhiech eed behl and the wizard wasn't there. >> and the knockout blow was election night when they were just so wrong about what was going to happen. it's time for the moment you've all been waiting for. predictions for the new year. 2013. what's going to happen.
3:59 pm
jonath jonathan, start us off with your prediction. >> well, i think the supreme court is going to give a ruling on same-sex marriage that will make it legal. where it's happening now, it's legal. it will be a two-step thing. it will be a bit of a punt. >> tax reform. emigration reform. three big things by the summer of next year. >> look into your crystal ball. >> i think scott brown will run for senate dpen to fill john kerry's open seat and he will lose kben. >> i think we're going to see the supreme court come with some good stuff and bad stuff. i think we're going to see states strie to undermine a lot of national moves. i think that you should keep your boots and picket


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